Todd Gardenhire


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As our state Senator, Todd Gardenhire has made himself known as a champion of the taxpayer.

Todd Gardenhire’s voting record speaks for itself. He understands the value of a dollar, which is why Todd continues to work hard to lower taxes and eliminate wasteful spending. In addition to helping pass a constitutional ban on a state income tax, Todd is proud to have helped pass one of the largest tax cuts in Tennessee’s history. After fully implemented, this important tax cut put approximately $300 million back in the hands of the people and not the government.

As a strong proponent of education and educators, Sen. Gardenhire voted for a strong, balanced budget that gives our teachers the largest pay raise in state history, over $100 million, without raising taxes on Tennesseans. He believes in improving education practices, and this starts in the classroom with well-paid educators.

Sen. Gardenhire has also focused on modernizing our healthcare system in Tennessee. He sponsored a bill to remove government regulations that hold physicians back from providing affordable and accessible healthcare. Removing needless bureaucratic red-tape, Sen. Gardenhire’s bill reforming Tennessee’s certificate of need process will make a for more nimble, responsive healthcare system ready to meet the needs of Tennesseans.