Todd Gardenhire

A respected conservative leader, Todd Gardenhire has been standing up for Tennessee values for decades.

The son of a railroad engineer and homemaker, Gardenhire developed a strong work ethic, learned the value of a dollar and built the strong character that gives him the ability to make the hard decisions and solve the tough problems.

Gardenhire signed up with the Reagan Revolution from the beginning eventually serving the Reagan White House in its Advance operations office. A longtime conservative activist Gardenhire consistently worked to assist conservative candidates and causes over 40 years.

A graduate of the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga, Todd Gardenhire spent most of his career in the financial sector. He served as a Senior Vice President for a major investment company before retiring to focus on family and public service.

Gardenhire believes strongly that we must protect our values, our freedom and our families. He believes in a government that represents people, not special interests. A man of strong faith, Gardenhire believes in putting conservative ideas into action.


Todd Gardenhire understands that education is the great equalizer and that every child must have a top quality education to succeed. That is why he has made public education a priority, giving our teachers the largest pay raise in state history without raising taxes on hardworking Tennesseans.

Cutting taxes

As a conservative, Gardenhire believes in small, efficient government that serves the people. Streamlining government and eliminating waste, fraud and abuse means less taxes for citizens. Gardenhire helped pass one of the largest tax cuts in state history, sending $300 million dollars back to taxpayers. He understands that taxpayers and their families knows how best to spend their money, not government bureaucrats.

Economic growth

Gardenhire believes that the best social program in the world is a good paying job. He is committed to bringing and keeping great jobs in Hamilton in Bradley County.

Health care reform

Runaway costs and lack of access have put affordable health care options out of reach for many Tennesseans. Todd passed legislation to remove government regulations on the healthcare community, creating more flexibility and greater access to care so that Tennesseans can get the healthcare they need cheaper, easier and faster.


A champion of the unborn, Todd Gardenhire co-sponsored a bill to place commonsense regulations on abortions, including a mandatory waiting period and informed consent before an abortion can be performed and requires that the centers have safety inspections to protect the health of the mother.

Todd Gardenhire believes in being open, honest and transparent and has an open door policy for constituents with problem or questions. Todd Gardenhire is on our side.