As enacted, makes appropriations for the fiscal years beginning July 1, 2015, and July 1, 2016.

6/10/2016: Pub. Ch. 758

As enacted, prohibits an authority in Hamilton County from requiring a property owner who leases residential property, the property owner’s agent, or a subsequent tenant of the property to pay or to guarantee the payment of charges,

5/24/2016: Comp. became Pub. Ch. 1082

As enacted, reduces Hall income tax from six percent to five percent; expresses legislative intent that the tax be statutorily reduced by one percent annually beginning with the first annual session of the 110th general assembly;

5/23/2016: Pub. Ch. 1064

As enacted, prohibits members of a county legislative body from voting on matters in which they have a conflict of interest; authorizes legislative bodies of any metropolitan and charter form of government to opt out. – Amends

5/23/2016: Comp. became Pub. Ch. 1072

As enacted, increases the amount on which property tax reimbursement will be paid from the first $23,000 to the first $23,500 for low-income, elderly homeowners and for disabled homeowners; removes the income limitation applicable

5/23/2016: Pub. Ch. 1065

As introduced, prohibits state funds from being expended in support of the office for diversity and inclusion at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville; diverts such funding to a program for placing decals of the national motto

5/23/2016: Comp. became Pub. Ch. 1066

Directs the commencement of legal action, seeking declaratory and injunctive relief, from the federal government’s mandated appropriation of state revenue and noncompliance with the Refugee Act.

5/20/2016: Returned by Governor without signature.

As enacted, revises the criminal gang enhancement statute. – Amends TCA Title 39 and Title 40.

5/5/2016: Pub. Ch. 1034

As enacted, permits full-time employees of state public colleges or universities who possess handgun carry permit to carry a handgun while on property owned, operated, or controlled by the employing college or university if certain

5/5/2016: Pub. Ch. 1061

As introduced, authorizes the state to issue and sell bonds of up to $87.7 million.

5/5/2016: Pub. Ch. 1060

As introduced, increases from 30 cents to 36 cents per each person in the county the amount that each county must pay to the office of the comptroller to contribute to the expenses of audits; creates historic property land acquisition

5/5/2016: Pub. Ch. 1059

As introduced, enacts the “Rural Economic Opportunity Act of 2016”; authorizes a job tax credit for qualified business enterprises located in tier 4 enhancement counties; specifies the minimum jobs criteria and requirements to

5/5/2016: Comp. became Pub. Ch. 1019

As introduced, eliminates an obsolete provision of Tennessee Code Annotated concerning the BEP. – Amends TCA Title 49, Chapter 3, Part 3.

5/5/2016: Comp. became Pub. Ch. 1020

As enacted, requires the department to develop procedures for identifying characteristics of dyslexia through the universal screening process required by the existing RTI2 framework or other available means; requires every LEA

5/5/2016: Pub. Ch. 1058

As introduced, makes a person who commits vehicular homicide where alcohol or drugs were involved ineligible for probation. – Amends TCA Title 40, Chapter 35, Part 3.

5/5/2016: Pub. Ch. 1021

As introduced, revises requirements for criminal background checks in certain health care facilities; convenes working groups on elder abuse by the department of human services, the commission on aging and disability, and the

5/5/2016: Pub. Ch. 1044

As introduced, increases from 30 days to 45 days the period in which a health care institution must inform the health services development agency of a change of ownership. – Amends TCA Title 68.

5/5/2016: Pub. Ch. 1043

As enacted, revises various provisions governing the 911 fee collection practice. – Amends TCA Title 7, Chapter 86.

5/5/2016: Pub. Ch. 1047

As introduced, allows eligible students to receive the STEP UP scholarship for up to four years; changes the entity that, recognition from which, makes a postsecondary program eligible for purposes in the STEP UP scholarship.

5/2/2016: Pub. Ch. 930

As introduced, requires that general permits issued under the Water Quality Control Act be no more restrictive than federal requirements for management storm water post construction; requires that provisions of certain general

5/2/2016: Pub. Ch. 1007